Evil Sisters Decree
Evil Sistersis all about relationships between friends and/or sisters, etc. It may be just
two people or several, all in all these are usually long and very meaningful relationships.

Evil Sisters enjoy just spending time together.
ery good at teasing and remembering all those embarrassing little stories.
t's being a little "Evil", not bad evil, but the good kind of "Evil".
ove, Support, and the true meaning of Friendship.

omeone who is always there for you, even if it's 4 in the morning.
t's about enjoying "Life" and having a good time together.
illy little jokes which no one understands... but the do.
ime even though sometimes not long enough is great spent together.
veryday there's a connection even if it's only in our thoughts.
emembering the things that make them Happy and Help with the ones that make them sad.
haring the "Good Times" as well as the "Bad" and being there for each other for many     more years to come.

    That's why they are...Evil
  All the time

The EvilSisters Story

Evil Sisters all started when two best friends of more than 30 years, Kathy and Laura, were dubbed the Evil Sisters by Kathy's husband and Laura’s boyfriend. So for an up and coming Superbowl Party on February 5, 2006 Kathy decided to make up hoodies, tee shirts and tank tops for the two of them to wear at the party. Kathy designed the two logos, which look similar to the logos that are on the basic style tee, but also had 2006 imprinted on the oval to remember their night of fun. After a few weeks, Kathy and Laura wore their Evil Sisters shirts out in public, Kathy living on the East Coast and Laura on the West Coast, the reaction was the same, people loved them and wanted to know where to buy them. So it was decided to turn our joke into a company.

In 2007, Kathy wrote the Evil Sisters Decree. Before that many people would ask if it was a musical band or a devil worshipping cult, just to name a few. After writing the Decree the true meaning behind Evil Sisters was in print.

As far as the other Evil Sisters shirts designs go, the Voodoo shirts were a thought Kathy had for the next Superbowl Party in 2007. This is because before Kathy and Laura even wore the first original shirts to the 2006 Superbowl Party the guys without knowing it bought Kathy and Laura the same gold anklet, on the the same day, at the same time, (within a few minutes) at the same store, in two different states. While comparing the sales slips and realizing what happened the guys looked at each other, then turned and said, “You girls treat us like Voodoo Dolls! We don’t even know what we are doing!” So that’s where the phrase on the voodoo shirt comes from “What can we make you do?” The next design goes without saying “Evil Sometimes, Sisters All the Time” that’s just the way friendships are.